Raw Ecstasy

New business owner, Yesim, contacted
me for help with her activated food brand, Raw Ecstasy. Yesim had bought into the business and knew something needed to be done about the inconsistent company image, dated packaging and jumbled website. 


The old logo featured a sunshine emblem and it was important to the client to retain this. Yesim was also keen to use the existing strong colour palette so that the products would stand out among so many ‘earthy’ brands on the health food shelves. Yesim chose a new eco-feel packet with a window to view the product, but budget restricted printing to a label.


Together we worked on her vision, creating a new logo, extended colour palette and bespoke illustrations that formed the basis of Raw Ecstasy’s new brand image.


This was carried through to the website, and applied to other marketing materials to keep the brand consistent throughout.

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