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Jackie Bourne



I like to think I have a perceptive understanding of people. I am also a thinker and problem solver – consistently running through the 'what ifs' and tangents of ideas, taking everything into consideration to achieve the perfect solution. This makes me incredibly good at working through every aspect required to create a successful brand and website. 

My career began in 2000, with a small creative marketing agency in London, working on a variety of projects from identity and brand guidelines, packaging and POS, through to consumer literature and B2B materials.

Six years later, I decided to go freelance, focusing mostly on branding and websites, but with the ability to help my clients and act as their in-house designer on a wide range of projects.

I have a BA Hons degree in Graphic Design (2000), and a MA degree in Communication Design (2013). I am an experienced Wix Partner and have a range of independent qualifications, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with Semrush Academy.

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I love to work with dedicated business owners. Over the years it has provided me with invaluable experience in what it takes to be successful.


I have a very close relationship with all my clients and know they consider me an integral part of their team. I look forward to working with you, too. Please get in touch!

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