A logo vs a brand


Many new businesses feel they ‘need a logo’ but haven’t thought much further than that. Established small business owners might ‘have a logo already' but wonder why it doesn’t feel right…


The most successful small businesses don’t just have ‘a logo’ – they have a brand. 


As your brand consultant, I will guide you through the steps it takes to create a successful small business brand. Together we will explore the feelings you would like your business or service to be associated with, and work closely to articulate and visualise these feelings into a logo, together with a complete set of guidelines to help you take your new brand forward yourself.


If you would like help rolling out your new brand through other materials, please do contact me. I can help with your website design, email and social media campaigns, stationery, brochures, leaflets and other marketing materials. Take a look at some case studies to see what a successful brand looks like!


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"I just wanted to say thanks so much for your work on the logo, which we are so pleased with. It looks great."